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alf morgan started pearling in broome immediately after the first world war

Alf Morgan started pearling in Broome immediately after the First World War. Joining pearlers Streeter and Male in 1919. By 1921 he owned his first boats and survived the boom and bust of the industry for 37 years.


In 1959 Alf with son Richard established the first all Australian cultured pearl operation at Exmouth. By 1961 younger son Peter joined the operation which resulted in the development of hooker diving systems which saw the old fleets of boats disappear. The systems developed then are still used to day.

A disastrous run of cyclones and disease split the family operations. Richard persisted and with son Andrew, developed Monte-Bello islands which today is recognised for the production of the finest pearls in the world.


In 1993 Peter with wife Helen and sons Jamie (aka Farmer Jamie) and Robert established Blue Lagoon Pearls at Monkey Mia Shark Bay. Initial production of pearls were produced from the local Albina shell, shifting to Black Pearl production in 1998 with the establishment of a hatchery at Carnarvon.


It is now established that the quality of black pearls from these southern areas are unique in colour with high percentage of gem quality pearls.




Like all new ventures the learning curve is slow. Cold waters produce the finest pearls in the world but they also create an environment unheard of in the existing charter of pearl production.


The problems are slowly being solved and hopefully continuos production of these outstanding gems will be available to the world markets on a consistent basis.

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