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enjoy a tranquil shallow water ocean journey to the popular Pearl Farm, capturing the beautiful scenery on the way

Every day Join us for a morning cruise to Blue Lagoon Pearl Farm to learn about a working pearl farm and all it entails. We will also take in the spectacular beauty and abundant wildlife of the Cape Rose Cliffs.

Pearling has a long and fascinating history in Shark Bay, with our shallow, fertile waters providing the perfect environment for growing some of the most spectacular pearls. Join us on a fascinating tour of the Blue Lagoon Pearl Farm and learn how these incredible and valuable jewels are made. We offer an extensive range of pearls and pearl jewellery made right here in Shark Bay so if you would like to purchase a local Pearl we can find one that is tailor made for you!


Not only are these pristine waters brilliant for growing Pearls, they are also abundant with marine life. Our well-trained, friendly crew will take you to some amazing secret spots in an attempt to find and show you turtles, sharks, dolphins and rays with the incredible ochre cliffs and sand dunes providing a breathtaking backdrop.

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